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/ Rachiele, Amy
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It's Love and War! In a war torn Afghanistan, Junie signs up for a Peace Corps assignment involving recently orphaned children. She wasn't expecting a lavish experience. She knew it would be primitive and dangerous, but it turned out to be way more difficult than she could have imagined. Captain Tyler Alexander, U.S. Army, Infantry: Mission first and mission ready is his motto but he realizes it all has a deeper meaning when he meets Junie--a Flower-power Peace Corps volunteer. I am seized with a sense of debilitating queasiness that makes my head spin. This can’t be happening, it is too much to process. Where is Tyler? What are they doing to him? Trickles of panic slither down my back in an ugly feeling I have never experienced before. I suck in some dry, stale air to try and find a small part of myself that is calm. Mom, Dad, if you can hear me up in heaven, help me? Tell me what to do. I’m afraid. I wish they could come and get me out of this caveman nightmare! ~Junie, Shrapnel’s Kiss From the author: My husband did two tours in Afghanistan. I wanted to write something semi-authentic so he gave me descriptions of the sites and sounds of the country in wartime. UPDATE: My husband passed away. 4/23/1967-7/9/2015 Rest In Peace My Love
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