S.M.A.F.U. (Situation Married All F$"&#d Up) / Bosso, EM

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/ Bosso, EM
Publisher: Independently published
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ISBN-10: 1519044550
ISBN-13: 9781519044556

A sexy and humorous walk through life, as an elderly neighbor notices the impending end of a failing marriage and decides to step in and share her wisdom and life experience. If she can't help save the marriage, perhaps she can at least soften the pain. Whether you are looking for a feel-good novel to inspire you to explore your dreams; a novel to help you affirm that you are not alone; or something to help you sit down and open up a new line of communication with your significant other, SMAFU will change your life. Excerpt: “Before we made our first monthly payment, we had “christened” every room in the house just to find out which one was the best room to make love in. I think, if we could have gotten away with it, we probably would have set the bed up in the kitchen. It had the best access to both the coffee and the refrigerator. It really would have been a perfect setup. I suppose, in the new house, we’ll eventually “christen” our bedroom, but we’ll have to make sure the kids are in bed, the stereo is on to cover any noise, and the lights are turned off just in case our youngest decides to wander in. That’s assuming, of course, we both aren’t so tired we don’t just limit ourselves to hallway sex in the morning. You know, flipping each other off as we pass by heading towards the coffee, or back to the shower."
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