Wall Street Millionaire's Dilemma: The recession of 2016-2018 (Financial Intelligence) / Mr. Tanmaya Sharma,

Book Cover Wall Street Millionaire's Dilemma: The recession of 2016-2018 (Financial Intelligence)
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/ Mr. Tanmaya Sharma,
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The Author Mr. Tanmaya Sharma quit his cushy job at a Fortune 500 Financial Services multinational company to financially educate the masses. This book will teach you the best kept secret of the millionaires and billionaires and how they beat the recession and become richer in each recession. This book also advises you that there will be a recession which will be known in history as the recession of 2016-2018. It will also educate you on how you can exploit that opportunity on an individual level. This book is written from the stand point that even an 8-year-old can read this book. Hence, for simplicity reasons. Simple and very basic language is used. It will draw conclusions and educate you how Poor/Middle Class people (including working class people living Pay-check-to-pay-check) think toxically differently from how Rich/Wealthy/Posh/Elite class people think. Then it will educate you on how Millionaire’s think differently and how Rich/Wealthy/Posh/Elite class people think even more differently from the average millionaires. It will also teach you how you can become rich yourself by adopting Rich/Wealthy/Posh/Elite class people Mentality. It will educate you how you can go even a step further and think like a Millionaire and inculcate that into your mentality. Eventually becoming a Millionaire, yourself. It will educate you on how extremely wealthy people and Millionaire think differently from poor people. It will educate you on how seasoned multi-millionaire’s beat a rookie millionaire who is new to the game by using a technique called “OPM”. It will also EXCLUSIVELY educate you on "CASH CUSHION" RETIREMENT BACKUP PLAN by Tanmaya Sharma. It will also inculcate and reiterate the new meaning of Assets and Liabilities in the new digital era, and how some assets really are liabilities and why some liabilities are assets in reality. “This is very important for all sections of the society. It teaches you what B-School’s don’t teach their students. This will be useful for anyone who is above the age of 8-year-old. This book was written on purpose in a language which even an 8-year-old could understand in order to awaken the masses that are living every day, working 9 to 5, living for the weekend. It also creates a cash cushion considering a black swan even like the 2007-08 housing bubble happens again and educates the masses on a contingency plan, if they happen to lose their pension due to whatever reason, as moral hazard was one specific reason in 2016-2018. This entire "CASH CUSHION" RETIREMENT BACKUP PLAN by Tanmaya Sharma works from the assumption that you will definitely lose all your entire 401(k), EPF/PPF due whatever reason including moral hazard.” – Tanmaya Sharma
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