Into the West: The Orphan Train: Part One of the First Book in The Territories Saga Serials (Into the West Saga Serial) / Stephen Burckhardt, Burckhardt Books,

Book Cover Into the West: The Orphan Train: Part One of the First Book in The Territories Saga Serials (Into the West Saga Serial)
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The Territories Saga Serials Collection

Introducing a new serial book collection, The Territories Saga Serials. The concept is based on the old "cliffhanger" movie serial shorts they used to play before the main feature in theaters. Each book is written as an installment in a serial collection. Each saga serial is divided into 5-6 novellas. When the saga is complete, a single volume containing all the serial's novellas plus bonus material will be published. Titles are currently available in paperback and ebooks.

Into the West: The Orphan Train
Part One of Book One in The Territories Saga Serials

Margret MacBride loves her children more than life itself, but as a young widow she isn't able to support her and her children on a scullery maid's salary. After being evicted from their apartment, they struggle for years to survive while living on the streets of New York City. Distraught, Margret turns to her church for guidance.

Sister Mary Agnus convinces Margret her children will be better off if she turns them over to the Catholic Foundling Aid Society under the care of their aid worker, Mrs. Kelly, for placement in a new home. Little did she know her children would end up on The Orphan Train heading into the Wild West.

Taken from the only home they have ever known, Elizabeth and Conner MacBride are frightened and homesick. When Elizabeth finds herself in trouble after a run in with the foundlings home's director, Sister Mary Clare, and bullied by one of the other children, Mrs. Kelly puts her job on the line to get Elizabeth and her brother on The Orphan Train and find them a new home in the wild western territories.

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