Are You a Gym Mouse?: Get Over Your Fears of the Gym, Take Charge of Your Lifestyle and Become a More Confident, Healthier You (Gym Mouse Guide) / Agi Kadar, D'vorah Lansky,

Book Cover Are You a Gym Mouse?: Get Over Your Fears of the Gym, Take Charge of Your Lifestyle and Become a More Confident, Healthier You (Gym Mouse Guide)
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/ Agi Kadar, D'vorah Lansky,
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Are you a Gym Mouse? Not a Gym Rat? Are You intimidated to workout in the gym? Are you afraid to do anything but walk on the treadmill? Do you want to exercise, but find excuses why not to do it?If you want to be healthy, but don't know how to get started, this book is for you! You are a Gym Mouse. This easy to read book will show you that it is okay to be a Gym Mouse. It will help you to turn all your excuses to motivation and will help you get started. Your life depends on it!I will give you all the information you need to feel comfortable in a fitness facility, overcome your fears and start on your health and fitness journey. You don't have to be a Gym Rat to get stronger and healthier and have fun in the gym.You will learn:- How to find the best fitness facility for your needs.- How to get started and how to get the most out of your membership.- How to defeat your fears and find your motivation to exercise. - How to change your life, have more energy, endurance, strength and confidence.- How to prevent, manage and reverse health challenges.The purpose of this book is to reach more of you out there and help you get into a fitness routine. You have the power to improve your health and longevity by making choices that support a healthier lifestyle. Overcoming your fears now is easier than overcoming illness later. If you already have an illness, let's overcome both and make your life better! Follow the advice in this book and you will be looking forward to your workout time, feel better about yourself and see your goals realized.Read the book and change your life! The sooner you read it, the sooner you'll see results, feel the benefits and become a healthier, stronger, and more confident Gym Mouse! Let's get started!
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