Collegial Conspiracy: An Adventures of Harry Morgan Novella (The Adventures of Harry Morgan) (Volume 1) / Polk, Clabe

Book Cover Collegial Conspiracy: An Adventures of Harry Morgan Novella (The Adventures of Harry Morgan) (Volume 1)
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/ Polk, Clabe
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ISBN-13: 9781534836655

It's thrilling and heartbreaking at times... a great protagonist... an interesting, if not surreal novel that pushes the boundaries of typical mystery/crime literature. - Sam Ryan 
Harry Morgan is a happy active retiree living on the Gulf Coast, owns a sailboat, has a grown family and a wife of thirty-five years named Jean. Harry loves adventure, enjoys good times with friends and family, and sailing his boat along the Florida coast.Wiley Middleton, an old friend, calls Harry out of the blue inviting him for lunch. Wiley has a request; the last request of a dying man. "Please help me rob a bank."Harry is sure Wiley's gone nuts. But Wiley is dead serious, has a terminal illness and there's a method in his madness. Compassion forces Harry to consider Wiley's proposal. Naturally, Harry wants to help his friend, but helping Wiley risks everything Harry stands for; his values, his life, his liberty, and his marriage to Jean.Forced out of his comfort zone, Harry must make a choice; between risking life as he knows it and helping fulfill the obsession of a dying man. How far should he go to help a friend?
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