The Diary of Mordred / Troy Depue

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/ Troy Depue
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King Arthur and his knights of the Round Table conjure up images of romanticized chivalry with the most noble knights doing great deeds. Some may even think of the love triangle that occurred with Arthur's wife Guinevere. But what of Arthur's son; the bastard, the one who slayed the great king?Locked in a cell after the great battle where Arthur fell, Mordred, the bastard son of King Arthur, writes his side of the story as it has never been told before. Starving, with the love of his life; none other than his stepmother Guinevere, dead in the room with him, Mordred resorts to extreme measures to stay alive, and later to redeem himself to what he believes is the great wizard Merlin.Written in a diary addressed for his mother to read, Mordred delves deep into his torn emotion from a twisted upbringing. Not the traitor he is believed to be, he is a victim of horrible circumstance. Will he make it out of the cell alive? Will he make amends with his personal hatred of Lancelot, Morgan Le Fay, and Arthur?
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