Sex, Lies & Demon Ties (Dark Desires Series) (Volume 1) / C J Laurence

Book Cover Sex, Lies & Demon Ties (Dark Desires Series) (Volume 1)
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/ C J Laurence
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A single red rose—one small thing that carries such heavy meaning. To be given one after an intense night of passion with a handsome stranger, your expectations grow with hope at this simple gesture. To him? The offering is his way of thanking you, a mortal woman, for allowing his dark being to indulge in forbidden sin… If someone good can turn bad, then someone bad can turn good, right? Two demonic brothers, Azazel and Balthazar have worked their jobs as Lucifer’s right-hand men for centuries. Cursed this way after their ghastly sins as humans, the ominous duo have left trails of devastation in their wake all over the world and all throughout history. Their curse can be broken by the true love of a mortal female, one who accepts all of their wicked deeds, but why worry about that when you have all the power and magick someone could ever desire? Being evil, revelling in others misery and pain gets tiresome after a while. Or does it? On their latest annual vacation from Hell, the bickering siblings stumble across Kyla Marshall, a feisty spice of life who captures both of their attention from the outset. With the two demons as opposite as yin and yang, Kyla soon finds herself being pushed and pulled on an emotional, frenzied ride of worldly secrets and shocking truths of human nature. Caught up in the relentless whirlwind of the sinful brothers, Kyla soon finds her own curiosities and morbid nature creeping to the surface. The shadowed depths hiding within her terrify her very soul. But now this unknown part of her has been unlocked, can she ever really ignore it? And what terrible tragedies lay in wait for those in her way? N.B. This book contains graphic descriptions of themes of an adult nature. If you are interested in this story for the smut, you may be severely disappointed. As hot as the love scenes are, it's just as dark in other areas. The Dark Desires Series is designed to explore the true depths and depravity of the human nature, as well as 'de-romanticise' the paranormal creatures we enjoy reading about. You have been warned...
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