Bridge of Tarnished Angels: Two Tales, Two Heroes, Two Different Centuries, One City / Robert Crawford

Book Cover Bridge of Tarnished Angels: Two Tales, Two Heroes, Two Different Centuries, One City
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/ Robert Crawford
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Two Tales, Two Heroes, Two Different Centuries, One City. In "A Ghost For Christmas", we meet Scott Carson, the hero of Tatterdemalion just before the events of that epic. A routine photo portrait in the Battery by Carson's mentor Jacob Riis uncovers a shock almost as chilling as its leading to them being chased by a serial killer. And involved in the case are legends Joseph Pulitzer, Nellie Bly and Etta Angell Wheeler. In "A Thug's Epiphany", Joe Roman, ex Soviet-NYPD cop, is introduced. It's Christmas eve in Brighton Beach and Roman has a mission- give his puppy Gawky away to a good home. But a call from a Russian mobster to whom he's long owed a favor succeeds his mission for one far deadlier. His daughter is missing and Roman must go through another mob family to get her back. But as Christmas Eve wears on, Roman and his canine sidekick realize in Brighton Beach nothing is as it seems. And looming almost like a character in itself is the majestic Brooklyn Bridge that unites these two heroes even though they are separated by 129 years in time.
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