Small City Big Dreams / Tasha Marie,

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/ Tasha Marie,
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ISBN-10: 1548092924
ISBN-13: 9781548092924

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Ever come across a city so small it seems like everybody knows everybody and everybody’s dealing with everybody? Well, that’s what it’s like in Boston! Meet Jade, a pretty, ambitious, young female with dreams of opening a hair salon. Tired of engaging with lames, she breaks up with her cheating boyfriend only to find love again in a notorious kingpin by the name of Hawk. Blinded by how Hawk spoils her with the finer things, Jade is oblivious to the other women in his life. That is until their relationship is tested in a major way. Hawk has it all; money, women and status. He’s the king of Boston and can have any female he wants in his bed. Love ‘em and use ‘em was his motto, until he meets Jade and he begins to envision settling down with her. But there’s a dark secret he’s keeping from her that could ruin it all. Lynai is Jade’s best friend since the beginning of time. She’s the turn up queen and side chick to her supposed man but she’s tired of that life and wants more. When Hawk’s best friend, Pee, sweeps her off of her feet and showers her with real love she’s finds herself torn in between staying down with him or giving into temptation. And then there’s Will, Hawk’s second partner in crime, who is laid back and all about his bread. He has big plans outside of hustling that include settling down with the woman of his dreams. There’s just one problem…she’s considered off limits and forbidden fruit. Follow these characters as they encounter one another in unexpected ways, experience ups and downs together, and discover just how small the city of Boston REALLY is!
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