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/ Sonja L Myburgh,
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A Special Collector's Edition, containing all three of the Return to Salem books! Book One - Returned In Book One of the return To Salem Trilogy, meet Adam, Cassidy, Tyler and Gemma. They are four seemingly normal twenty-seven year olds, returning to their hometown of Salem, Massachusetts ten years after their high school graduation. What they found was that everything they thought they knew, had been a complete lie. As they uncover the truth about themselves, it leads them to straight into danger as they uncover a secret so powerful, that it can bring an end to the world as they know it. Book Two - Divided In Book Two of the Return To Salem series, Adam and Cassidy, trapped in a strange and unfamiliar place, have to figure out how to get back home, while Gemma, Tyler and Ariel uncover another deadly secret, threatening not only their lives but the lives of everyone they love. Old bonds are broken and new bonds are formed, but things are not always as they seem, and people are often not what they appear to be. As the Four are separated, their loyalties are tested as a string of intricate lies unfold before their very eyes, shocking their cores in every way possible. Book Three - Decimated The nail-biting finale of the Trilogy... In Book Three of the Return To Salem series, things are falling apart in the past as accusations are flying, innocent people are executed and time is running out for Adam and Cassidy. With the help of unlikely allies, there is little time to save the world, and the people in it. Meanwhile in the present, Tyler and Gemma figure out the truth that had been right in front of their eyes all along. Will they be able to bring Adam and Cassidy back to the present, or will they be doomed to stay in the past? Will the Four be reunited? Or will the truth cause the decimation of their future?
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