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"Justin Time stars a young boy named Justin, who embarks on imaginary adventures with his make-believe friends Squidgy and Olive, the group's trusty navigator and guide. Together, the intrepid, high-spirited trio takes off on bite-size historical adventures. During their far-flung quests, they encounter a wide range of memorable and endearing characters."—Animation Insider

"With easy-to-digest lessons about animals and ecosystems, Justin Time holds preschoolers' interest while imparting knowledge. . . . The smooth, bouncy computer animation is easy on the eyes, with a color palette that's cool."—Common Sense Media

Justin wants a big pet! Justin wishes he could make the rules, just like a prince does! So Squidgy crowns Justin, and together they meet Olive in India. Now a royal pet keeper, Olive refers to her "Very Large Book of Pets" and helps Raja Justin take care of his new elephant, Tiny!

Together with his friends, Justin learns how to play with, feed, and clean up after Tiny by following the instructions in Olive's book. But Justin discovers the daily cycle has just begun. Maybe having a pet isn't so easy after all!

This series is based upon the popular animated TV show, which airs in the United States weekdays on PBS Sprout and NBC Kids on Saturdays, and on Disney Junior's Family Channel in Canada.

Each story in the Justin Time series highlights the importance of creativity, as Justin travels around the world and into different eras to learn about history, social interaction, and life lessons.

Brandon James Scott is the co-creator of Justin Time in Toronto, Ontario.

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