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/ McGowan, D. M.
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Facing down a bully
"Homesteader: Finding Sharon"
Hank James and riding partner Harry Gilmore ride the rails east to look for the woman Hank thought would be his mate for life. They unload their horses and gear at Canmore and immediately have trouble with a pompous local.
Riding on into Calgary they find Sharon but Hank is suddenly not sure if she is who he thought she was. He does decide to stay around long enough to see if she is or isn't.
If they are staying around for awhile anyway Hank and Harry become homesteaders. 
Portis Martin, whom they had met east of Canmore did not think they showed him proper respect but as homesteaders they became threatening enemies.
Hank and Harry's new enemy is manager of a very big cattle ranch. He has the money, the livestock and the manpower. He does not have time for saddle tramps. He also doesn't have a conscience that will interfere with getting them out of the way by any means possible - including attacking this woman that seems to interest them.
From the same vault that holds the work of William Johnstone, Matt Braun, Max Brand, and Louis L'Amour.
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Praise for "Homesteader: Finding Sharon"
From Brenda Casto for Reader's Favorite (5 stars of 5)"I found myself absorbed not only in the story, but the history lesson that I felt I was getting ..."
FromPaul Johnson for Reader's Favorite (5 stars of 5)"All in all, a satisfying plot with enough action to keep the readerturning the pages to see what will happen next."
From author Barbara Martin I will say that I didn't want to put the book down once I began it because each chapter urged me on.
From author Clayton Bye
I enjoyed Homesteader. Narrative is conversational and easy to read.Best of all, the book appears to be historically accurate, and the story plausible.
Staking a claim to a homestead in the rugged, untamed Canadian frontier of the 1880's was hard enough. But when someone tries to run roughshod over the "nesters," a man has to take a stand.There is more than bad weather for Hank James to contend with as he rides in search of the land of his dreams and the woman of his heart. Portis Martin, manager of a large cattle company, has no use for the small homesteaders that have begun to pepper the area...and he isn't afraid of using every dirty trick he knows to run them out.And Portis had been doing a pretty good job of it-until Hank James and his partner arrive on the stage.The dreams of early homesteaders were not always strong enough to see them through adversity, but with Hank James on their side, the people might just find a way of uniting for the common good and building a dream that can endure.
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