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Could it be possible that Jesus was not Jewish? What would that mean to the faithful? Jesus the Phoenician exposes, among other unprecedented certitudes, the origin of the Jewish faith and the true hidden identity of Jesus Christ.

Though the author claims no theological degree, as a Christian and a writer he has read and researched extensively and compiled a sound, compelling argument that the traditionally accepted story of Jesus the Jew, though largely undisputed by the faithful in favor of the biblical version, is actually an impossibility. By investigating the etymology of the name, Jesus, other questions arise regarding the incompatibility between the Great Annunciation and traditional Jewish practices, as well as the true lineage of the family of the Messiah. Then, by examining the lives of the family, friends, and Disciples of Jesus, the circumstances of Jesus' birth are challenged, establishing which Bethlehem the child savior was born in and substantiating the origins--Galilean or Jewish--of Jesus and his Disciples. Furthermore, based on a new understanding of the true origins of Jesus and his apostles, Jesus the Phoenician reveals the truth about Jesus by showing the many holes in the traditional Jewish and biblical history that point to Jesus having been a Jew. And, finally, the reader is asked to consider the validity of the typically dismissed sources, the Apocrypha, the ex-biblical texts that suggest and support the theory of Jesus the Phoenician.

By investigating and analyzing the Old and New Testaments, as well as numerous other books, Apocrypha, and scholarly sources, Jesus the Phoenician systematically debunks the traditionally accepted Jewish story of Jesus and synthesizes a groundbreaking explanation for this historical and theological blunder. By delving into the history of the Canaano-Phoenicians and disproving the accuracy of the established story of Jesus Christ, Jesus the Phoenician begs the reader to think outside of biblical tradition and to consider, as have scholars, theologians, and writers throughout history, the proof herein that denies the identity of Jesus the Jew. 

Acclaims for the book:
«The New Testament is a Phoenician call that has nothing to do with the Jewish religion. Conclusively, Jesus was not the son of David nor was he Jewish, but Canaanite/Phoenician. His Father was not YHWH but ?l-?lyon. His name "Immanuel," as written in the New Testament, does not mean "YHWH with us" but "?l (God) with us." In his 342 pages book, author Karim El Koussa is going to decode the Old Testament and New Testament, passing by Apocryphal works, tens of books and hundreds of references, using the geography of the region at the time along with the etymology of names and places to support his theory. A lot of research related to the subject is yet to be done, meanwhile, Karim El Koussa's book will cause more spilled ink.» -- Lebanese Senior Culture Editor, Maroun Salhani, wrote during a review of the book and an interview with the author on NOW. Lebanon, February 1, 2014.
«This is a highly controversial subject. Karim's thesis is revolutionary but quite possibly true. He sets out to prove by the Bible itself - New and Old Testaments - that Jesus of Nazareth was not a Jew and that the God he called "his Father" was the Canaanite "EL", not the Jewish YHVH. (Jehova). This should be a very provocative and enlightening discussion -- so tune in and get Salvation Phoenician style.» -- American author and Host Poke Runyon reviewing and discussing the new book by the Lebanese Christian author Karim el Koussa «Jesus the Phoenician» on Radio (blogtalkradio) in a program called The Hermetic Hour, January 9, 2014.

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