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/ Fred Dickey
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A serial killer stalks the grim streets where the homeless put down their sleeping bags. These are life's castaways, crippled by addiction, mental illness or just massive bad luck. It's a fertile hunting ground for a serial killer.

From the book...

When she saw the door she almost sang out in joy. But just as she reached for the handle, he stepped out of the shadows. She screamed, but as their eyes met she was surprised at the absence of violence in his. She wanted to understand how that could be, but there was no time. His fingers closed around her throat. The last words she gasped were, "Don't! Please, don't." Then, there was no more air.

The pros review 'Death On A Dark Street'...

"This is a suspenseful, authentic, and well-researched manhunt for a serial killer. It introduces rookie homicide detective Jaye Peoria, a tough but tender young woman obsessed with proving herself and snaring an elusive killer. It's a good book."

--Legendary crime writer Joseph Wambaugh

"A brilliant writer. I love the way the detectives interact with each other, so right on target. It's just like I'm working the case myself. The investigation methods and procedures are accurate. The descriptions of the homeless and their struggles--perfect. I LOVE THIS BOOK!"

--Maura Parga, San Diego P.D. cold case detective (ret.)

As a retired officer, I can tell you this book could have been written by a cop. The investigative techniques are accurate. The plot is dramatic and suspenseful with numerous twists and turns. The characters are believable and entertaining. Mr. Dickey gets it right. He and Detective Jaye Peoria have gained a fan.

--Sgt. Robert Conrad, Chula Vista P.D. (ret.)

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