Destiny Revealed (The Destiny Trilogy Series Book 1) / Cris Pasqueralle,

Book Cover Destiny Revealed (The Destiny Trilogy Series Book 1)
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/ Cris Pasqueralle,
Publisher: Tate Publishing
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Twins Jack and Maddie Austin have just finished celebrating their thirteenth birthday. The last of the party guests have left and they sit down for one more gift to be given to them by their Uncle Benny. The gift is from someone they don't know by the name of Stanton. The gift is two necklaces, a golden Sun for Jack and a golden Earth for Maddie. The card with the gift reads: ""The earth will revolve around the sun, until that time when the sun is done. Then, the revolutions will be none as their great power becomes one."" Before the card can be explained, three intruders burst into the house; there is a battle that shocks Jack and Maddie as a wave of a hand tosses objects and people about the house. One man, the leader of the intruders, who Benny calls Tardon, steps forward and imprisons the twins' parents in a giant bubble. When Tardon turns his attention to the twins, Benny disappears with them. Benny has brought the twins to his home and explains to them that there are different realms of existence, the non-magical, the dream realm, the thought realm, and the magical realm. He explains that they are wizards from the magical realm and that Tardon wishes to control all the realms, but interfering with the balance could cause the destruction of the world. but it has divided the magical realm. The twins are trained in magic and shown that they have great power. But Benny is hiding a secret from Jack and Maddie, which eventually comes out. As the twins continue on their quest to find their family, Jack and Maddie are separated. Jack gets angry and tells Benny that he holds him responsible for Maddie's safety and if Benny doesn't bring her home, then Jack will find her on his own. He then vanishes, ending book one in the Destiny Trilogy.
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