Quantum Physics: an overview of a weird world: A primer on the conceptual foundations of quantum physics for all / Masi PhD, Dr. Marco

A simple introduction to the scientific principles of a complex topic which meaning and interpretation never ceases to puzzle and surprise. A very comprehensive A-Z guide complete with figures and graphs that illustrate the deeper meaning of the concepts and that you are unlikely to find elsewhere. The weirdness and the paradoxes of quantum physics are explained at introductory level, beginning from first principles up to the modern state of the art experiments. For the autodidact who is looking for a piece of general knowledge on quantum physics which furnishes the most rigorous and advanced account that an (almost) non-mathematical exposition can and that will save you a ton of time in searching elsewhere trying to piece all the different information together. But this is not a ‘quantum physics for dummies‘; it is a deeper account that not only summarizes the experiments but also discusses the philosophical arguments and remains nevertheless accessible to all. A guide for all those who always have been attracted by the fascinating quantum reality and wanted to understand its principles, even if they are not physicists, but found only either advanced level university courses filled with complex mathematics or alternatively popular science texts that tried to connect with the reader at the cost of crude oversimplification. Considering how the media (sometimes also physicists) present quantum theory focusing only on highly dubious ideas and speculations backed by no evidence or, worse, promote pseudo-scientific hypes that fall regularly into and out of fashion, this book fills a void: that of a serious introduction to the conceptual foundations of quantum physics, as it really is, accessible to all, and yet without treating readers as idiots.Moreover, one of the primary motivations of the author was to span an 'arch of knowledge', but without falling into the temptation from taking a too one-sided account of the subject. He refrained, therefore, from focusing too much on his personal preferences, something that otherwise would have spoiled the intention of making this a general introduction. It is instead first and foremost an effort to provide the reader with the widest possible background on all the basics that everyone interested in quantum physics should have. A primer that the public finally deserves.What is this strange thing called quantum physics? What is its impact on our understanding of the world? What is ‘reality’ according to quantum physics? This book addresses these and many other questions through a step-by-step journey into this very weird world. The central mystery of the double slit experiment and the wave-particle duality, the fuzzy world of Heisenberg's uncertainty principle, the weird Schrödinger's cat paradox, the 'spooky action at a distance' of quantum entanglement, the EPR paradox and much more is explained, without forgetting their main contributors such as Planck, Einstein, Bohr, Feynman and others who struggled themselves to come up with the mysterious quantum realm. But this manual does not stop there: it also furnishes an up-to-date summary of the discoveries of recent decades as well, such as the "which-way", "quantum-erasure" or "quantum-teleportation" experiments.And since in schools, colleges and universities, quantum physics is taught with a dry and mostly technical approach which furnishes only a superficial insight on its foundations, this book is also recommended to those students who would like to look beyond.
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