The Islands of Sedania: A Pirate's Bargain Book 2 / LC Owen

Book Cover The Islands of Sedania: A Pirate's Bargain Book 2
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If Sedania was a real place, then she had to go back. Liza was struggling to run her parent's business after having been in a horrific car accident. Her mother was still deep in a coma with doctors urging her to pull the plug, but something inside said it was too soon. Liza still had the card Blane gave her when she woke up from the accident, proving that he and Sedania were a real after all. Despite the fact that it made her feel crazy, it was her only hope to saving her mother. Liza comes face-to-face with an old friend who agrees that going back through the portal is the only way for her mother to wake up again. Once Liza is back in Sedania, she finds things are a little different than when she left, but she will stop at nothing to save her mother. When faced with an ironclad bargain from a tricky pirate, Liza must race against time to fulfill her end of the deal before becoming his slave forever. As Blane swoops in and tries to make Liza his queen once and for all, she must go to great lengths to stop him. Will Liza have what it takes to escape Sedania this time? This fantasy romance will take you on a wild adventure, begging the question if love and hate can reside in the same heart. This is the second book in a three part series where the desperation to keep a family in tact collides with the obsession of the heart. Where villains are not all bad, and good guys are not all good, this fantasy world will take you through many twists and turns. Sedania is a place of dreams, but nightmares do not fall too far behind.

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