Too Much Water Will Kill The Flower: Calming The Chaos / McGilberry, T.

Book Cover Too Much Water Will Kill The Flower: Calming The Chaos
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/ McGilberry, T.
Publisher: Unplugged Vintage Publishing
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An open notebook. It seems like a lot of people are depressed. It seems like no one is where they want to be. Some feel they don't have purpose. This is a weird time to be human. I consider us more dumb aliens than smart mammals. Nothing on this planet has the raw potential to create and manifest like we do. There is nothing like a human. In the past many people knew their role and exactly where they stood in society. They were given their purpose and a set of rules to follow. We have the lives our ancestors wanted. We are the answers to many of their questions, the manifestation of their wildest dreams. Tasks that took great lengths of time now only take a few minutes. The tasks that gave them certain skills, social attributes, and a sense of purpose, have all changed. A lot of us are wondering where we fit, not realizing we now have the freedom to create our own role and live accordingly. This amount of freedom can be intimidating. This period of history is still writing itself with very little reference to look back and learn from. Realize that no magic pill can save us. Quite frankly we don't need to be saved. In a way it hurts me that survival of the fittest has become survival of the chemically balanced. Every era has its own bizarreness to it. I'm sort of happy mine came with airplanes and cellphones in the toolbox. Oh and I wrote some sort of weird abstract poetry I hope you enjoy it.
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