Shouldering the Cost: One Credit Union CEO's Take on the Great Banking Collapse of 2008 / Tom Randle,

Book Cover Shouldering the Cost: One Credit Union CEO's Take on the Great Banking Collapse of 2008
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/ Tom Randle,
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Pulling back the curtain on the Great Banking Collapse of 2008 is a risk that nobody has been willing to take...until now. Tom Randle spent 29 years as a Credit Union CEO and witnessed first-hand the egregious behavior of the National Credit Union Administration (NCUA) and the Florida Office of Financial Regulations (OFR). By presenting his first-person account of what really happened during the Collapse, he’s taking on the biggest machine he can take on—our state and federal regulatory agencies—and they play dirty. This is his story…unvarnished, bluntly told (with a bit of anger), and as honest as he can tell it. PRAISE FOR TOM RANDLE: “I have had the pleasure of serving as the immediate past Chair of the Board on Sarasota Coastal Credit Union's Board of Directors with Tom serving as the CEO. Tom has an engaging personal style that enables him to interact effectively with employees, members and potential partners within the community. Tom met the expected parameters of his job as the CEO and did so for 20 years…Tom, I know this is very hard and I appreciate your professionalism through this process. And, I meant what I said during the have demonstrated that you are a great leader and it shows in the loyalty and support of everyone around you... Thanks for all you are doing!” --- Janet Cantees, Chair of the Board of Directors, Sarasota Coastal Credit Union “I've known Tom Randle for all my 20 years here at CUES. He was a board member for six years and Chairman for one of those. I find him to be a man of integrity and competence who I would want my children to work for and learn from. My highest recommendation. He's a natural CEO and marginal golfer (like me - the latter, not the former).” --- Fred Johnson, CEO, Credit Union Executives Society “Tom is a results oriented chief executive with exceptional leadership and motivational skills. He is a terrific communicator, yet listens carefully and is not afraid to entertain divergent points of view. He has a gifted analytical mind, one terrific sense of humor and is a pleasure to work with. Tom is not only a supportive, fair and ethical business partner; he is truly one of the good guys. I recommend him without hesitation or qualification!” --- Bill Goldberg, President, Auto Advisor Services, LLC
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