Bact to Eden: Decoding God’s Program For Man On Earth / Solomon Byike

Book Cover Bact to Eden: Decoding God’s Program For Man On Earth
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/ Solomon Byike
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Everything that is happening in this generation and the ones to happen in the generations to come has happened in the generations before. The only new thing that is yet to happen to everything is the beginning of everything. 

At a point, I began to reason what God truly wanted from man that He visited him every cool of the evening. Then I realized that man has been stupid and crazy to define the beginning of God, because he has failed to know that which has happened to him. Even to understand it has been beyond his imagination. He that can tell the beginning of God is the same that will tell the beginning of everything. If man can tell his own beginning, then there is great hope that one day man will know the beginning of everything. 

Since God knows the end from the beginning, have you ever wondered if God knows your end? Jesus was called the Son of God when He was still on earth, but we all know that His mission was to redeem us from darkness. We are now answering the sons of God while still on earth. What is our mission here? Since this place is not our home, what is it that Jesus Christ did not complete that is still keeping us here? 

Even though we have heard the Word of God, many of us still end up in sin. Why? I believe there is something missing in the knowledge of God we have in us. And this is the right time we understand the true principle of God, and the reason why we shouldn't go back to sin again. 

In Back To Eden, you will learn the program of God with man. You will understand the love God has for man and the sacrifice He has made so far, in order to preserve the heritage of man. Mastering Jesus to live Like Jesus is a great step everyone should take in order to understand God's program with man. 

Get a copy of this book and know more about God. 

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