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/ J. R. Knoll
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CIA Agent Andrea Hatcher is running for her life, in possession of critical information that could stop a terrorist invasion and bring down a major drug czar. The Agency cannot extract her for a week. While looking for a place to hide on the busy streets of San Antonio, Texas, she ducks into a club that is hosting a gathering of the local BDSM scene, and finds the perfect cover for that week. But Scott Gibson has other ideas. Unaware that she is a CIA Agent, he whisks her away into his world of domination and submission, and as she spends more and more time with him and falls deeper into his world, the line between her cover and reality begins to blur, and she finds life as his submissive girl to be far more appealing than the real world that awaits her. Soon, her mission is in jeopardy, not only from the enemy agents who are once again on her scent, but from her own desires and the pleasure and pain he begins to show her. And, as her life and the nation's security hangs in the balance, she must face the most difficult decision of her life.
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