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This story is about the growth on the expression of fascism and racism in Britain which is connected within British politics. I have written this story on Them and Us back in 2002 just 16 years ago which is related to the book subject on White Man's Country written by Robert Miles and Annie Phizacklea (1984) that people are beginning to understand the serious impact of racism in Britain. The subject story will find a place on the social media platforms, television, films, cinemas that includes schools, colleges and universities, in the trade union movement and in any other education process which deals with Britain on its colonial and racist past. The racist bias of British domestic politics that took place almost 65 years ago which the fascists and racists are demanding the compulsory 'removal of all West Indians and Asians in Britain. It was 50 years ago in 1968 the demands of the racist cause led by Enoch Powell by keeping the non-white peoples out of Britain based on the colour of their skin. It was almost 25 years ago the racist motivated murdered of Stephen Lawrence on April 22, 1993 and it took six years for the publication of the Stephen Lawrence Inquiry Report, which was written by Sir William Macpherson in 1999 surrounding it also raised the public profile of very serious issues concerned with the criminal justice system based on skin colour as made their impact on the ethnic minorities in Britain. Furthermore it was nearly 39 years ago when Margaret Thatcher, the leader of the Conservative Party after the 1979 General Election victory did say that quote 40 years ago of January 21, 1978: "British people had a legitimate reason to fear that their culture might be swamped by immigrants". In other terms Britain was having a labour shortage which the people from the Caribbean and Asia migrated to fill the demand for labour just almost 70 years ago. The non-white migrants have become permanent settlers living in Britain. Furthermore the British Nationality Act (1948) had implicitly confirmed that the Commonwealth was a potential source of labour by defining all Commonwealth citizens as British citizens,with the right of entry and settlement in Britain that started 70 years ago. In the period of mass unemployment, people who are British-born of West-Indian and Asian parents with British citizenship has used the potential by resisting police racism, injustices and oppression based on skin colour. It was 35 years ago which Paul Gordon wrote White Law in 1983 by illustrating the statement in these terms: "These cirumstance have led some to claim that the criminal justice system in Britain is permeated by systematic and institutionalised racist as a whole which is based on the policy of skin colour". It was almost 56 years ago the Conservative Government of Harold MacMillan pass the Commonwealth Immigrants Act (1962) by restricting entry of non-white peoples who might have returned to the Caribbean or the Indian sub- continent periodically to visit their families while working as migrants in Britain, to settle and raise a family in Britain. The fear of not being able to return to Britain. Along with the continuing demand for their labour, turned the migrant workers into settlers-people would remain in Britain, and retain the hope of returning to their countries. The structure of 'Them and Us' story further follows directly from this alternative to the common-sense notion of a race relation problem in Britain. The first part deals with political, historical and ideological reaction with Britain to the migration of labour from the New Commonwealth. They are being concentrated in the manual working class and the system of racial racial discrimination is an important mechanism which the South African apartheid style model policy keeps them in that poisition in the labour market based on the colour of their skins. The 1960s and 1970s have witnessed the reproduction of these same experience among the migrant' children.
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