Life Of A Christian When There Is No Hell Fire: The vision that keeps us going / Solomon Byike

Book Cover Life Of A Christian When There Is No Hell Fire: The vision that keeps us going
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/ Solomon Byike
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Christianity is indeed the most difficult journey on earth. As Christians we carry the light of Jesus Christ in our heart. Light and darkness do not go together. As long as you have the light of God in you, the world must surely be against you. It will hate you and fight against you as an enemy. But no matter the hate, we must keep going. Our vision as Christians helps us to stay strong.

The question now is, "What is your vision as a Christian?" Many of us today are Christians because we are afraid of ending up in hell fire. But this idea of Christianity is a no no for all of us. Assuming there is no hell fire, would you be a Christian today? I think this question will help us to understand the intent of our religious life. There are lots of knowledge and revelations to receive through all the things around us, and we must continue to learn every day in order to understand the power of our Living God.

In this short but rich book you will learn a lot of things to keep you going as Christian. The guide in this book takes the reader to an imaginary world of self awareness. One thing about human being is that we always lie to ourselves, especially, when the truth will not favor us. But one very important thing we know already, which we must always remember is that in the end it is only truth that will set us free.

LIFE OF A CHRISTIAN WHEN THERE IS NO HELL FIRE is written for self awareness. In this book of vision, you will understand the true journey of every Christian: why we must face persecutions and ways to overcome temptations. Temptations must come but we must overcome. How do we do this? There is a vision that drives every man. We are Christians today because of a vision. But in every group, there are vessels unto honor and vessels unto dishonor. Let the vision that drives you be the one unto honor.
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