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Love is not just about being in a relationship, it’s much more than that…

What would you do if you were caught up in a love triangle, but without the love? What if this love that you keep seeking, never really left?

Rudra, who thinks that he has started developing feelings for Ruhani, is aghast when she chooses her best friend over him – simply because her best friend is jealous. Set out on a task to bring Ruhani to her senses, he decides to go all in for the only girl in his life.

But, when things go too far, and he finally gets a choice, will Rudra continue to be Ruhani’s savior? Or will he find his own happy ending?

Narrated by Rudra, The Things We Do for Love, first of a two-part romance, dramatizes his quest for companionship. With a foray of jealousy, multiple second chances, and, bad and uninformed choices, this love-story by Raunak Agarwal is as relatable as his poetry.

‘Listen, do not call or text me tomorrow.’
‘Umm… Going to meet him.’
‘Oh! Even I’ll be out with my friends. What if I Snap you by mistake?’
‘I’ll change your name over there.’
‘You’re going to delete all our chats, right?’
‘And all our photos together?’
‘Why am I still talking to you?’
‘I am sorry.’
‘You know, it’s so crazy?’
‘The Things We Do for Love!’

About the author:
Raunak Agarwal is a storyteller and poet based in Kolkata, India. His first book, Heart Broken Musings, a first-of-its-kind Poetry/Rant book was released in 2018 and was an instant bestseller. One of the most popular bloggers on Instagram with over 50,000 followers, Raunak considers himself as a jack of all trades, who is slowly, but steadily working towards becoming the master of all of them. He is an avid dreamer (quite literally) and he often turns his bizarre dreams into thoughtful and funny short stories. When he’s not writing, or dreaming, or making his readers swoon over his poetry, he runs a tax-consultancy firm along with his father. To stay in touch with him, you can follow him on Instagram (@rk_writes95) or visit
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