The Walk Alones / Jenny Schwartz,

Katya is faced with a life changing decision: she can continue in her safe half-life of obscurity as a servant in the College of Magic; or she can embrace her magic talent and Ghentian heritage. Telmus is the college's youngest and most powerful mage, and he needs Katya's help to defeat the unnamed enemy who massacred Katya's people and who now threatens the entire kingdom of Davia.

Although doubting her ability, Katya can't ignore the evil. She witnesses their enemy's attempt to introduce an amulet of control into the warded home of Telmus. The amulet is carried in by an emaciated street boy named Lee, who also becomes part of the household–proof that Telmus is kinder than his reputation reports.

Together, Katya and Telmus discover scrolls that direct them to the Ghentian Mountains and the power they will need to defeat their enemy. Telmus has his own ghosts, but between these two walk-alones, there develops trust and respect. Katya and Telmus gain power, however, their triumph is cut short by a message from the College President: the royal heir has been kidnapped.

Fate favors them as Lee's presence helps them in determining what happened during the kidnapping. Katya and Telmus locate the prince, but their enemy's identity eludes them. The answer to defeating their enemy lies in Katya's Ghentian heritage. By accepting her past, Katya finds the answer and trusts it to Telmus. Together, they can destroy the wizard's magic, returning the power of the life force to its source. The risk is, will the disruption of elemental magic damage the ensorcelled King? They have to try.

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