HEALTH, HAPPINESS & LONGEVITY ("Self-help and Spirituality Series") / Dr. Sukhraj S. Dhillon

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/ Dr. Sukhraj S. Dhillon
Publisher: Japan Publications, Inc. Tokyo, Japan; Harper & Row Publishers inc, New York, USA
Sales Rank: 2879209
ISBN-13: 978B0020MMRA0

“Health, Happiness, & Longevity” is a practical guide that includes a complete style of living, including diet, exercise and development of the mind’s powers: “Some people just keep jogging and running and don’t worry about what they eat. That won’t work.” There is well searched information on diet including various recipes to make sure that you eat healthy. The exercise and yoga poses are explained with excellent photographs. However, the book discusses that health is not just diet and exercise, “Health is as much mental as physical.” To be healthy and happy you must first alleviate stress. This in turn will bring longevity, a part of the title of “Health, Happiness and Longevity.”

“Health, Happiness, & Longevity” presents a fresh approach to “total-wellbeing” where author uses his knowledge of science from the West, and yoga, breathing and spirituality from the East. His unique qualifications include advanced degree in life sciences and molecular biology from Yale University in the West, and his earlier education and experience with yoga, breathing and spirituality from the East. He uses his knowledge to the fullest and truly presents a synthesis of Eastern and Western health-management approaches.

His skillful use of scientific knowledge and eastern traditions makes this very different from reading a medical guide to keep us healthy and energetic. He gives scientific reasons to use yoga, meditation, breathing and spirituality not only as a natural approach to handle weight and stress but to empower yourself emotionally. A rare blend that combines science and ancient wisdom.

Easterner or Westerner, the reader will have a fresh perspective about handling the weight, nutrition, exercise and total wellbeing. It is easy to read book that changes your outlook towards health. It’s a book about health care and not disease care in contrast to multi-billion dollar government program called health care which in reality is a disease care program.

The author has put lot of efforts to create a blend of science and natural ways to stay healthy and energetic. But you don’t find miracles and supernatural powers which will be against his scientific training. Health, Happiness,& Longevity: Eastern and Western Approach is a practical guide that combines various eating habits, yogic and breathing approaches known for centuries to faith healers and health experts, and are now recognized by modern medical practitioners.

The book consists of nine chapters each representing an independent topic: Chapter 1, A Healthy Attitude Towards a Happy Life; Chapter 2, Full Living; Chapter 3, Nutrition and Nutrients; Chapter 4, Weight Control and Calories; Chapter 5, The Natural Diet; Chapter 6, Slow Down Aging to Lead a Long and Healthy Life; Chapter 7, Complete Breathing for Vigor and Vitality; Chapter 8, Walking and Yogic Exercises for Health; Chapter 9, Concluding Remarks. The chapters precede by preface and introduction, and are followed by “Natural-Vegetarian Diet Recipes” and other Appendices A to G, Bibliography, and Information 'About the Author'.

The book provides various studies and statistics on “high cost of health” and suggests that health care is a necessity to handle disease care.

“Health, Happiness, & Longevity: Eastern and Western Approach” is written in times of much needed Eastern-Western approach to global issues, where the modern-day reader can learn from the best of both worlds. The author takes ancient techniques of the East, and relates them to everyday living in 21st century of science and technology. Dr. Dhillon not only points out the weight and health-issues as a modern day problem, but provides logical solutions. So it’s a good source of information for handling weight and other health issues by yourself without going to expensive seminars, wellness centers, medical offices, spas, schools, or retirement centers.

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