A Simpler Guide to Gmail, Second Edition: Getting the most out of Google's free email / Ceri Clark

Book Cover A Simpler Guide to Gmail, Second Edition: Getting the most out of Google's free email
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/ Ceri Clark
Publisher: Lycan Books
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****New lower price to reflect changes in Google in 2013 until the new edition is released.****

This second edition of A Simpler Guide to Gmail is a fully revised, illustrated, straightforward and no-nonsense approach to a how-to guide for setting up your Gmail account. With twice the information of the first edition there are step-by-step guides to opening the account and sending email, to the more advanced features including Chat and Labs. Also now includes an introduction to Google+!

The Chapters included are:

Chapter 1 Introduction
Chapter 2 Getting Started
Chapter 3 Security
Chapter 4 Sending and Receiving Emails
Chapter 5 Address Book (Google Contacts)
Chapter 6 Sorting Emails - No More Folders
Chapter 7 Searching for Emails
Chapter 8 Changing the Look and Feel
Chapter 9 Google Accounts and your Profile
Chapter 10 Introduction to Google+
Chapter 11 Chat
Chapter 12 Tasks
Chapter 13 Netiquette
Chapter 14 Gmail on your Android Device
Chapter 15 Advance Features - Google Labs
Chapter 16 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


June 2012 Google+ section
June 2012 MailDroid section
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