Life in Righteousness: The Word is Your Life / Billie Miller

Book Cover Life in Righteousness: The Word is Your Life
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/ Billie Miller
Publisher: Yarah Publishing
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ISBN-10: B008TGP60G
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Show me your ID. If you're reaching for your driver's license or picture ID, then this is a case of mistaken identity. Your driver's license only describes your outward physical appearance. But the real you is so much more. This book will show you your true identity in Christ.


* What's rightfully yours and how to take part in it.
* How to create and develop a passion for the Word of God.
* The ability to make wise and responsible decisions.
* How to never give up, even when you fail.
* The power to effectively change the lives of those around you.
* Your true identity as the righteousness of God.
* ...and much, much more.

"Life in Righteousness gives you the right keys to help you dream big. The 'Righteous Steps' at the end of the chapters will guide you to success. The 'Righteous Nuggets' throughout the book will help you focus on the future with expectancy of change. Good job Billie! Jewel and I are proud of you."
--BEN TANKARD, Grammy Artist & Author

"Billie Miller gives you a lot of tools that you need in Life in Righteousness. If you're serious about improving your life, then invest in this awesome book."
--DEBRA WINANS, Author, Life, Altered Not Over!

"I know Billie Miller. I know his heart. I know his gift with words and connection to the Holy Spirit. That's why 'Life in Righteousness' is a must-read for every Believer who wants to experience God's best in their lives. This book is powerful...informative...practical...inspiring."
--HAROLD HERRING, President, Debt Free Army

This book will show you how to rise far above average and ordinary. Life in Righteousness will teach you how to live a successful Christian life, regardless of your situation. This life-changing information will take you from the position that you're at now to a higher one. What are you waiting for? Come and discover life.
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