Changeling Winds: Large Print Ebook (Bachelor Battles Large Print 2) / Angela White

Book Cover Changeling Winds: Large Print Ebook (Bachelor Battles Large Print 2)
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/ Angela White
Publisher: Cloud 9 Publications
Sales Rank: 1562956
ISBN-10: B00APKD052
ISBN-13: 978B00APKD057

This Futuristic romance is set at 20 pt font for those who want a large print ebook. Most are published in 12 or 14, meaning this apocalypse rebellion novel will start out 4-5 times larger than average. Then, it can be increased even further by using your magnifications settings.

Let's meet the players...

“…Angelica Eve Pruett. A member of those merciless Bounty Hunters, this fast-burning Changeling resides in the Ohio Valley Recovery Zone, where she helps to clear the old roads. Following in her brutal cousin's footsteps, she seeks what can only be had here, at the Network Games - a mate. Rank: 9/15.

“Kim Lee. Longing for a legal family, this Frogtown warrior knows a win will gain her the breeding pass she was denied by the baby registry for being under the 5'5" limit. This wild teenager finished first at the time trials and is ranked 1/15.

“The Bush Sisters. Sworn to secrecy as a condition of the Care Campaign, rumors suggest the wealthy starlets from Bangor have fallen on hard times due to unpaid taxes and criminal misconduct charges. If one of them wins, their family will no longer be in Network disgrace. Their ranks: Chelsea: 3/15. Emily: 6/15. Danielle: 8/15.

“And just what are they fighting for?

“Their choice of lot #21207 - fifteen perfectly trained bachelors, all secretly longing for an escape from the Network.

“Who's Ready to Play?”
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