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Homeless and suicidal, former MP Xavier Hawkins discovers it's hard to kill himself when a billionaire's cloned assassin is looking to do it for him. "Austin ably follows the trail blazed by such thriller greats as Steve Berry, Vince Flynn and James Rollins.” ~Best-selling author, Jon Land, about Dues of Mortality.
In the not-so-distant future, a broken and homeless man looking to end his existence in peace, receives a second chance at life when he crosses paths with a hitman's target and her mysterious connection to a new-age terrorist threat engulfing the country. The booming biotech industry has just surpassed petroleum on the Fortune 500. Staggering increases in corporate crime have spurred waves of activist violence and even terrorism across the United States.

Atop the biotech heap, is Jerome William Wallace, an indomitable businessman, holding the city of Cleveland hostage by its revitalized wealth and global status. When his empire is threatened by government legislation as well as an anti-biotech terrorist cell, Wallace resorts to high-stakes blackmail and murder to protect it. Unfortunately, he gets far more than he bargained for, when he marks firebrand, neo-feminist college student Glenda Jameson as one of his targets.

Xavier Clyde Hawkins is a suicidal, alcoholic, whose last good nights' sleep was two hours on a rusty park bench. Under an insane set of circumstances, he is thrust between Glenda and both hired and cloned assassins sent by Wallace to hunt her down. But when the couple suddenly become wanted for the killing of three of Cleveland's finest, they must outrun, not only the assassins, but the cops, as well. Glenda decides that their only choice is to track down the missing scientist who may have tried to warn her from the beginning. A task easier said than done as they are forced to travel from one end of the country to the other and the man they seek is an accomplished recluse. Can the police, who want Glenda and Xavier, and the FBI who want the most elusive domestic terrorist in the country, find the link in their cases before it's too late? Click on the “Look Inside” link above the book cover to find out.
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