Wedding Day Blues “Sistas”: A Southern Family Comedy / Daniels, Mae

Book Cover Wedding Day Blues “Sistas”: A Southern Family Comedy
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/ Daniels, Mae
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Jennifer Dickens's older sister is getting married, and her little sister is not her sister at all.

As the small Southern town of Dixieville prepares for the Wedding of the Year, trouble-and some very juicy secrets-is brewing behind closed doors.

Lies are revealed, truths untold and past deeds, good and bad, come back to haunt the prominent Dickens family. Every Dickens has a secret or two, or maybe more. All, except straight shooter Belle Jackson, the real head of the Dickens household. Or, does she?

Everything every Dickens family member has ever hidden in the darkest reaches of their hearts and souls, comes emerging to sour Dixieville’s, and the family’s, biggest day of the year. From blushing bride Joelle’s urge to call off the wedding, to nine-year-old Jacie, Jennifer’s little sister (and her biggest secret), the blessed event could go to hell in a hand basket, if feisty ole’ Mama Belle can’t shut the drama down first.

All are invited to the hilarious and dramatic revelry in Mae Daniels’ Wedding Day Blues “Sistas”: A Southern Family Comedy. Tears and laughter included.

Story was professionally edited May 2014

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