Only For Makayla: Passion # 1 (Passion Series) / Melanie Bennett

Book Cover Only For Makayla: Passion # 1 (Passion Series)
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/ Melanie Bennett
Publisher: Melanie Bennett
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ISBN-13: 978B01EQ6PL03

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Perfect for fans of A.L. Jackson and Lauren Blakely.

Re-Released FE/2019

"The author does a wonderful job of taking the reader through a slew of emotions of fear and stubbornness to love and self-worth. I wasn’t able to put this book down​."

Friends to Lovers.
I found Makayla that night.
Her bruised, battered body and crushed spirit, cut my heart to pieces.
The blackest, most sinful part of me, ached to destroy the sick coward. To end his life and have payback for his brutal attack on her.
I made an oath that night.
Our undeniable bond survived, but months have divided us and pushed our fragments so far apart.
I can’t have Makayla and risk my friendship with her brother. But I want her... I need her.
Something buried inside me, knows that she belongs to me, that she is mine.
I made Makayla a promise. But she fights against it with determined stubbornness. I could drop to my knees and beg. Sometimes I want to, but I can't.
The glimpse of disrespect in her eyes... it would break me.
I know our shattered pieces will fit together perfectly, but will she?
Can she see past the scars and over her walls, that I stand right before her, waiting?

Friends to Lovers, that come together in an explosive, turbulent storm of lustful passion and a complicated love, that was meant to be.

Only For Makayla is a stand-alone title.
18+ Contains mature sexual content and strong language)
*(attempted sexual assault)*
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