THE INTELLIGENT SCAMMER Die intelligent scammer El intelligent estafador and useful notes / Mantri Pragada Markandeyulu,

Book Cover THE INTELLIGENT SCAMMER Die intelligent scammer El intelligent estafador and useful notes
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/ Mantri Pragada Markandeyulu,
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This book is good, useful and knowledgeable which enlightens all the students, youth, employees & workers and to the entire job doing people and business people regarding the day-to-day activities while working on computer system. The following are covered in this book, which the author has tried to explain various aspects pertaining to various types of scam emails floating daily through emails. Some of such emails are projected in this book for the enlightenment of all the email users. One should be careful with these types of scam emails, lest it is sure that one will land in problem.
Some of the subjects also covered in this book for the benefit which is useful to all the student community and employees and business people, which are mentioned in this book.
01)Introduction brief on scam emails such as lottery scam emails, inheritance funds scam emails and bequest funds scam emails, charity funds donation scam emails, contract funds scam emails and other scam emails like investment fund scam emails etc.

02)Scam emails and some case studies on email scam correspondence

03)Personality Development Programs subject captions (100 subject captions) and the contents runs into Total 700 pages. Details could be seen inside the book pertaining to PDP captions. Interested readers/people can contact the author via email. These also pertain to soft skills.

04)Management programs (only subject captions) viz Management, HR Development, Finance, Manufacture, Marketing, Managerial skills, Strategy, Organizational issues, Human Resource Development etc.

05)Appointment Oder (specimen)
06)Rental Agreement (specimen)

07)Questionnaire (some of the interview questions posed by Interview Committee Members in various sectors including IT field.

08)Computer Short-cut Tips and Keys

Lists of NGO International & World/Global Funding Agencies, International NGO’s/Foundation centers/Charitable institutions and global & domestic addresses with email IDs/websites/phone nos. are available.

Addresses of companies like software corporate & IT, pharmaceutical, cement, steel, hospitals and Trading Cos. are also included.

These Lists are useful for Grant/Donation/Fund seekers/Fund raisers viz., Societies/Trusts/NGOs/Foundation Centers, Charitable Institutions/Social Service Organizations pertaining to fund raising work-out/seeking Grants, Donations in the form of cash or kind and for various types of Sponsorship & Training Programs from various World Funding Agencies etc, for the following NGO activities:

•Motherless Babies Orphanage Home.
•Home for Aged.
•School for Disabled children
•School for Mentally Retarded Children.
•Home for helpless Widows.
•Home for helpless Widowers.
•Home for Displaced Women.
•Adult Education for people hailing from down-trodden Tribal people.
•Free Medical facilities for aged and unaffordable children and adults.
•Baby Care Centre (Day Time) for the benefit of working women/men.
•Minimum provision for job opportunities for Handicapped adult people
•Provision of imparting Training Programs like, Personality Development
•Program, Soft Skills, Computer Skills, Management Programs, English
•speaking, Public Speaking. Presentation skills, Sports, Singing, Dance, Athletics and other extracurricular activities for all specially abled Children/adults and also for Less Privileged children/peopleetc.

•Yoga. Meditation and Asana Centre for all disabled children and adults.
•Naturopathy Centre for all specially abled children and adults.
•Anti-addict Alcohol/anti-Narcotic Drugs Home (De-Addiction Centre).
•Home for Blind Children.
•Home for Deaf and Dumb Children.
•Home For Street Children
•Sr. Citizens Home,
•Home For Shelter-less children and displaced people
•Abacus Learning Home for Children.
•Music (vocal & instruments) Learning Home for Less Privileged Children.

These lists are also useful to all
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