Sri Sai Sankeertanamala Book 5: Published by Mantri Pragada Markandeyulu Author in English / Late Smt Mantri Pragada Kanaka Durgamba

These 50 each version in English and Telugu language, 5th Series Book, are the best of best language-worthy standard devotional lyrical songs written in praise of Lord Sri Shiridi Saibaba. These lyrics could be practiced by all the music lovers in various ragas both in Indian and western music styles. These each 50 lyrical songs are both in English and Telugu version languages. Special mention is to be made here that there are 1300 lyrical songs and all the songs are devotional ones.

Each lyrical song has one caption written in praise of Sri Saibaba and the entire song relates and has relevance to the caption of the song. All the 1300 songs with captions would be published in a phased manner each with 50 English version songs and 50 Telugu version songs from this Book 5 series onwards.

The author has contributed her poetical knowledge & wisdom much more beyond one’s expectations while writing all the lyrical songs with passion, dedication, commitment and with diligence. It is sure that all the music lovers in the world would enjoy these lyrics to the best of ragas & tunes possible.

These lyrical songs can be composed and practiced in various ragas in Classical music, Hindustani, Carnatic, Fusion, Folk, Baul, Ghazal, Qawwali, Chaiti, Kajan, Sufi music including eastern & western types of music style and music also can be composed as per the choice of listeners and music lovers. Apart from this, modern music like Bhangra, Filmi, Pop, Rock, Blues, Jazz and Trance music can be composed for some of the songs for the lyrics of SRI SAI SANKEERTANAMALA.

The devotional music can be practiced by one-and-all who is/are vocal practioner(s) and music directors, music composers and music associations can well utilize this opportunity whoever interested in composing various types of music to play & listen on the latest digital stereo versions.

These songs are an expression of Faith, belief, Bhakthi and Dedication, towards the Universal Guru “Shiridi Sai”. One could see the total surrender and dedicated devotion of Late Smt. MK Durgamba in her writings. People/devotees/music lovers whoever is interested to purchase Copy Rights for song book series can contact the Publisher or the Project Director either through Telephone or through emails, as mentioned in this Book.

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