The Undying Code (Preview Edition): Chapter 1: A Girl In Pink (Begetting Bootleg Book 0) / Nikhil Bhardwaj

Book Cover The Undying Code (Preview Edition): Chapter 1: A Girl In Pink (Begetting Bootleg Book 0)
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/ Nikhil Bhardwaj
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This is 2nd Edition.

“The story is set in U.S. and begins with a normal 19 Year old teenager, David Wright. He’s studying French in college. He lives with his friends in a rented compartment, far away from his house. He is a big fan of movies Marvel, DC and all other fictional and charismatic characters. And he acts as “What would Sherlock Holmes do?” when he finds something suspicious. He is not good at sports and at most of the things. But he claims of being good in academics. He is hilarious at describing things and his analogies are marvellously stupid. A golden haired girl Jane is welcomed warmly into his rented apartment. She plays the “Family- card” to get the entry inside. Jane the girl once he refers as Alexandra Daddario makes her believe that she is telling truth about everything she says. He claims to be untouched by a single girl, but this claim doesn’t hold for long. Jane talks about some assignment. He sticks to the girl and follows her everywhere blindly. The journey with her begins in a BMW. And that’s where the chaos enters into his sweet, cute, silly life. And soon, the boy finds himself betrayed and framed into kidnapping of an infant girl."

Note: This is not the biography of David Allen Wright (American Baseman).

About author & the book:

Author started writing the story of The Undying Code in 2016, the first page was written precisely on 18th December 2016. The 1st Edition was published on 19th January 2017. 1st edition had a tag of "Inspired by Real Events" which is removed in this edition to avoid any controversy about the storyline and content of the book.

The Title of the book has been changed from CODE to The Undying Code in updates of late 2018. This edition has a timeline starting from 15th December 2018, consists of 24 scenes. The complete book will span 5-7 years of David's life. 

The complete book is to be written yet. The genre of the complete book is- Family, Humour, Romance, Action, Adventure, Sci-fi and of course Mystery. The book is going to be a long text, so it will be broken down into 3 parts. Join my journey at For latest updates follow instagram pages @begettingbootleg, @nikhil2bhardwaj or

twitter accounts @begettingbootlg, @NikhilBhdwj

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