YOU ARE NOW: A Story That Changes Lives / Matt Thompson

Book Cover YOU ARE NOW: A Story That Changes Lives
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/ Matt Thompson
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"A story that offered moonlight in the darkest night of my life." K.A. Bullock ('When We Were')

A human heart can only suffer so much and Danny Thornton can take no more pain. His business is failing. His wife is having an affair with his best friend. He has simply lost all hope. Rope in hand and drunk on whiskey, Danny makes his way to a secluded field with only one thing on his mind: the end.

Disorientated and sore, he wakes to the grin of an old man. Inviting Danny to his home, he is forced to assess the chaos of his existence. Seeing things he thought impossible and bravely confronting his lifelong demons, Danny unmasks the sacred truths of love, loss, forgiveness, acceptance and surrender.

Walk with Danny Thornton in this life-changing tale and, I can promise you…you will never be quite the same again.

And there is one question that science will never answer…

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