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“Runaway presents a unique blend of social realism and unashamed pulp action reminiscent of those old NEL classics of the 1970s. Blakeston’s writing pulls no punches, and will leave you battered and reeling by the story’s climax.”

A vegan anarcho-punk goes to see top London Oi! band The Cockney Upstarts play their first ever northern gig at The Marples in Sheffield. He has heard they throw a pig’s head into the audience at the climax of their show, and is determined to give them a piece of his mind if it is true.

While he waits to find out, he gets chatting to a timid young skinhead girl standing at the bar and inadvertently causes an all-out riot between punks and skinheads, the aftermath of which leaves him beaten and bloody on the ground. The skinhead girl helps him escape before the riot cops arrive, but he soon finds out she has an ulterior motive for doing so – she wants him to help her get away from her abusive boyfriend before he kills her.

What he doesn’t know is she is also harbouring a dark secret, and what she has suffered at her boyfriend’s hand is just the tip of a very nasty iceberg.

Warning: Contains scenes of graphic violence, very strong language throughout, and deals with topics that some readers might find upsetting.
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