Even Across the Seas (The Seyleigns Book 1) / Shannon M. Compton,

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Betrothed to a man fifty years her senior at age ten, Lady Rosalind has been living a life of quiet desperation. One thing her father and future husband underestimated is her determination to flee her situation, even if she must make a new life alone on foreign shores.

Michael Seyleign, the Duke of Seyleign and Leeves, is England’s most eligible bachelor. However, he has little patience for marriage minded mothers and the London season in general. After one exceptionally grueling night at a party, he makes up his mind to leave the city early, and go back to his estate, Denlask Palace.

The Duke is relieved when he is back on Denlask soil, but then he sees a man riding quickly through his property. Michael gives chase and is astonished it isn’t a man, but a young girl. This isn’t any young girl; this is a sword and gun-wielding warrior.
Rosalind challenges Michael to a fight so she at least still has a chance, but quickly sees she is in an unwinnable situation. Realizing she will be sent back home, she decides to make the ultimate sacrifice. She would rather die than marry her intended.

The Spartan like spirit of the girl intrigues Michael. He then sees how far she is willing to go, so as not to go back from where she came. As Rosalind begins to point the gun to her temple, the Duke makes the quick decision to shoot her in order to save her.

The single blast from his gun changes their lives forever. In some way Michael now feels responsible for her. When he learns of her situation his feelings and morals are tested even further. Both are challenged over and over, bringing a closeness of unbreakable bonds.

Whether they are in London, the countryside of England, India or America, even across the seas, their connection can’t be broken.

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