Bar Stools: Book One in The Stranger series / Sadie Blackenrose

Book Cover Bar Stools: Book One in The Stranger series
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/ Sadie Blackenrose
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As the sweet, virginal ex-girlfriend to the singer of a rapidly rising rock band, Stacey thinks her night is over when she and some friends from work hit the local bar where his band is playing. Between her fifth shot of Jack and her friend Annie running off to flirt with a crush, Stacey’s night is pretty much trashed- until a stranger spills his drink on her.
When electricity literally jumps between Stacey and the stranger, she finds her herself being pulled to him, feeling things she never felt with her ex-boyfriend, making her want to do things she has never done before.
Just as she thinks she may actually have found someone that makes her whole body vibrate with tension, Bruno, her ex-boyfriend, causes a scene in the bar and things between the two guys seem to be headed a dangerous path. There’s obviously a reason that the two guys hate each other, well beyond just wanting Stacey.
Will Stacey choose the stranger who makes her whole body hum with anticipation? Or will she choose to stay on the safe, straight path she’s walked her whole life? Either way, this is a night she will never forget!

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