Aalia's Awakening (Dragonbonds Book 1) / Freyja O'Shea

Book Cover Aalia's Awakening (Dragonbonds Book 1)
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/ Freyja O'Shea
Publisher: Tamsin O'Shea
Sales Rank: 2233711
ISBN-10: B0781J99G7
ISBN-13: 978B0781J99G4

Warning: This book contains ADULT CONTENT
Aalia finds out she is an Ele Draconis (Elemental Dragon), her best friend is her Fate Mate Number 1 (5 in total for complete Mate Group), and she has to learn how to control her new powers while dealing with some obstacles along the way.

"Excerpt: Tears burst forth at the thought, she sat on the floor, next to the toilet, with a wad of toilet paper, and let it all out. Her heart felt like a shattered windscreen, shattered into a thousand pieces, but still intact and holding shape unless a slight amount of pressure causes it to crumble."
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