Out of the Sands: A Short Story / Gibson, S. A.

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/ Gibson, S. A.
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Egypt has arisen after the Collapse. And the reopened Bibliotheca Alexandrina has hired Aaleyah to survey the archaeological riches of the nation.

Hiring on aerialist Sunil, recommended by the Library, seems simple for Aaleyah’s mapping of the pyramids until they’re aloft and an attack causes all manner of trouble for the pair. Before Aaleyah can make her way back to her Ministry of Antiquities, she’ll find help from a desert patriarch, and face the fact that something quite nefarious is afoot with the Royal house of Hakor. Once on the trek across the desert sands, Sunil uncovers within himself something he never realized he was capable of.

Joined by Chike, a Librarian scout, Sunil and Aaleyah are pulled into an adventure none had foreseen. Both Aaleyah’s knife, a Kard antique, and Chike's sword will flash and defend the Royal house in this post-apocalyptic setting. Sunil will stand loyal: for the King, the artifacts of the past, and the Bibliotheca Alexandrina.

Win or lose, the trio must cross hundreds of kilometers to save the past and guide the future.
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