Break Free (Smart Girl Mafia Series Book 1) / Amiee Smith,

Lynn Scott. You know that super-hot guy from high school? The jock. The popular guy. The one you fantasized about when you were supposed to be studying. The ex-Olympic water polo player you expect to be married in his thirties to an ex-beauty queen and driving around Los Angeles in a Mercedes SUV full of kids. The man who could never be as smart and fun as you. The guy who is not supposed to ask you to hook-up during a party. (Correction: He commanded.)
That’s Nick Willingham. Even in my thirties with a thriving career, a great home, awesome friends, and a very green, holistic lifestyle, I still check the box: nerd. And in what world does a nerd end up with the hot guy? In what what world does a hook-up lead to insta love?

Nick Willingham. Lynn Scott is the woman who is not supposed to say yes. The shy, polite writer who lives in San Francisco. The woman you expect to be married or waiting for some man to choose her. Yeah, that’s not Lynn. I want her. I want whatever happy ending her brilliantly dirty mind and perfect mouth wants to create. She’s decided that our thing is just a hook-up with an expiration date less than that of her favorite fresh-pressed green juice. Lucky for me, I like to win. But am I willing to take a wrecking ball to my meticulously handcrafted life to win her?

A standalone West Coast romantic comedy from the sexy and indulgent world of the Smart Girl Mafia. Thirtysomething millionaires. Smart, strong women. Hot, alpha men. Multicuitural romance. Always happily-ever-after.
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