Angel's Nightmare Adventure 1.5 / Angel Ramon

The GameLit Survival Horror adventure continues!

It's the year 2009, two years after the first zombie in NYC where Angel managed to survive. While the media and the news deemed the events as accidental, Angel's boxing teacher Hondo believes otherwise. In fact, he believes the Hybrid Corporation has a much more sinister plan and is using the Raven Hawk Virus for a New World Order plot. In this new installment, prepare to meet the unsung heroes of the real 2nd outbreak in White Plains, New York that was never mentioned.

In the first story, Hondo is a private investigator from Puerto Rico who is looking into the Hybrid Corporation's involvement in the first outbreak. Hondo is also trying to expose a dirty police chief who wants to move the White Plains police station claiming that its location is unsafe for officers. However, Hondo doesn't buy the excuse and believes that he's getting quite the kickback from the giant pharmaceutical company to expand their empire on the lands of the current police station. This ex-boxer will prepare to experience an adventure like no other as his favorite zombie video game becomes his new nightmarish reality. At the same time, he will expose many skeletons along the way, including one that might cost him his life forever! He wants to get back to New York City in order to find his boxing pupil, Angel.

In story two, a college student named Elza who is native to White Plains decides to take a joy ride around town on the nice summer night. However, a stop at the gas station nearly costs her life as she is attacked by the undead until she is saved by an officer. Ending up in the police station for cover, her night out turns into a real-life survival mission. She is not aware of Hybrid and will be learning about the plot as she goes along. Will she survive and will her life change forever?

The dark thunderclouds have reappeared over New York and the true second outbreak has begun. As always the story might have the feeling of a video game, but the consequences are all too real. This is the untold story of the series!
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