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Keeper of My Dreams
Eli St. John is very bitter after his wife's death five years ago. His bitterness only increases after he learns that he has an older illegitimate brother. After the revelation, he storms to the beach to cool off, only to find a beautiful woman washed ashore. To his dismay, this mystery woman causes him more hardship and heartache than he could have ever imagined.

Jewel of the Sea
Jacob St. John is the most skilled captain in his father's company, Emerald Shipping. As he travels to retrieve a ship, a white-haired beauty approaches him for an enticing interlude. But instead of romance, the woman takes him and forces him to work upon her pirate ship. Pirate Julianna Ranvier is forced to abduct men in order to save her brother. But fate is cruel and she soon finds herself the captive of the sinfully handsome man she has taken.

Innocent Seduction
Alyssa Craycraft dreams of finding the perfect man during her debutante ball. However, days after the event, she is abducted from her home by an evil man and taken to England. Disguising herself as a boy, she escapes and finds passage back home by working as a cabin boy. Noah St. John believes women are bad omens and have only two places in this world--in his bed and away from his ship. However, his luck drastically changes when he discovers the person he hired as his cabin boy is something he swore to never allow on his ship--a woman.
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