Blue Earth: The Body / J. M. K. Walkow

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/ J. M. K. Walkow
Publisher: Jacek Walkowicz
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ISBN-13: 978B07GSKG384

“Rob left a note in the Manuscript, stating that once the formula was perceived and defined, it could be used in many ways, including winning millions of dollars from a bunch of billionaires.”

  • STIMULATING FOR THE IMAGINATION - Our novel is packed with exciting action and carries the ability to introduce new readers to fantasy and science fiction!

  • SATISFACTION GUARANTEED - We take great pride in developing an exciting and thoughtful new world for our new and loyal readers, innovating!

  • GREAT COVER ART DISPLAY - Our book displays a great piece of cover art which is perfect for display on your bookshelf, center coffee table, hall shelf or even your own bedside table!

  • SHORT BUT EXCITING READ - Our novel is a total of 20 pages, making for the perfect size read to keep you locked in and engaged while also allowing you to finish in a few sittings!

Chapter one of the novel Blue Earth in which Blazing Night enters society in Vancouver.

The novel was edited by Robert H. Byers, born February 1931 died March 2018, Bob edited the novel Blazing Night and the first chapter of Blue Earth. According to him, lots of corrections were needed on every page. He not only marked these, but read the text loud and made sure it sounded great. For him J. M. K. Walkow is "the Canadian Conrad". Joseph Conrad, born Józef Teodor Konrad Korzeniowski, was a Polish-British writer regarded as one of the greatest novelists to write in the English language.

The author is funding independent innovation in artificial intelligence, cyber security, robo-advisor, oncology, mathematics, fine art, literature and photography. Jmk Walkow is a pen name for Jacek Walkowicz.

Blue Earth: The Body, Adventure Book, Science Fiction, Engaging Action And Adventure, Stimulates The Imagination, Cover Art Display, Innovation

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