Dragon Dreams: The Complete Shifter Collection / Leela Ash, Tabitha St. George,

Welcome to the world of DRAGON DREAMS ... where secrets abound just beneath the surface ... FINALLY Get the COMPLETE COLLECTION including all 6 Novellas and a brand new series epilogue!

With her family in peril, Hannah is desperate to help them in any way she can. Her only hope?...a mysterious coin that has been handed down through her family. Will it lead her to the help she needs? Or will it just lead to more danger than she could have ever imagined?

Brandon Lorde has waited for ages for a sign that the light is coming back into the world. His kind…and all the other kinds similar to his have been all but forgotten by the world. Now suddenly he is awakened with his original purpose. As a protector he will do anything – and everything to protect this woman who has awakened his fire. But will his strength be enough to save them both?
Come along and meet Hannah and Brandon and the rest of the Dragons of the First Flight as they each awaken into their power, find and claim their mates, and together fight to defeat the evil forces who wish to keep the world in darkness…

This Collection features:
Dragon Protector
Dragon Aflame
Dragon’s Nanny
Dragon’s Redemption
Dragon Renegade
Dragon Defender
*A Dragon’s Bachelorette (New 40 page series epilogue!)

There is also a brief preview of Captive to the Dragon…the first in my (Leela’s) Banished Dragons series…

These stories contain No Cheating, No Cliffhangers and of course all have HEAs ; ).

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