The Costa Rica Escape Manual 2019 (Happier Than A Billionaire Book 6) / Nadine Hays Pisani

In this latest edition of The Costa Rica Escape Manual, I dove deep… like middle earth deep, to bring you the most valuable tool for traveling through, moving to, or living in Costa Rica. The entire manual has been rehashed, reorganized and expanded, making it easier to use and more fun to read. With apps, checklists, pictures, a handy index (only in the paperback edition), and links to everything you’ll need this guide will have you smiling under a palm tree in no time!

“More” is the keyword for this release. In this third edition, you’ll find new information and more detail on subjects such as:

*Traveling the entire country, planning an intense road trip, renting a car without overpaying, hiring a private driver, and my seven lucky rules for avoiding crime.

*Picking a spot to live, work permits, starting a business, and getting a driver’s license.

*Creating a budget, paths to residency, opening a bank account, selecting a school, dental tourism, buying or renting property, and even developing raw land from scratch!

You’ll hear not only from this happy expat with over ten years’ experience, but also from experts in various fields.
Do you plan on opening a business? How about operating a brewery in paradise, a children's bookstore in town, or a yoga center in the jungle? We’ll speak with people who have done just that and are eager to share what they’ve learned.

My checklists will make it even easier to accomplish your goals. There's one for everything from packing for your vacation and traveling with pets, to border runs, work permits, real estate, and residency!

And for those who enjoy my funny self-effacing stories, those have been organized into one handy section. No Escape Manual would be complete without them!

So grab your passport and tell your boss you’ll need some time off. The Pura Vida lifestyle is waiting for you in Costa Rica.

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