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Book - 3 (100 Poetry)

Haiku in English Language is a very short Poem which impresses listeners. It’s a Japanese famous Poetry. A Haiku in the English language is often written in three short lines and read out aloud in about six seconds. Haiku is a world’s shortest poem consisting of just 17 syllables, also called morae or morae. Total Three line poem. First line 5 words (words are called syllables or morae), second line 7 words, Third line 5 words).

Haiku is famous in Japan. Today, Haiku Societies exist in Japan, the United States, New Zealand, Canada, Mexico, London, Scotland, Australia, Sri Lanka and almost haiku in use in English speaking countries viz., Germany, Sweden, France, Mexico, The Netherlands, the Balkan countries and Russia, and in few countries in the world. Almost, Haiku (comes from a ‘first verse’ called hokku) is cherished in 50 Countries in the World. One of them is Croatia.

Presently, short poetry is being the trend and in use, people residing all over the world including major countries, is following this type of poetry usage. Moreover, it is very easy to grasp the subject theme and one can remember well and can sing anywhere, even at home or outside travelling place. It is also very easy to compose, tube the ragas by Musicians and it is very easy to sing the poem like a song by the Singers. The literary writing, duly compressing with a beautiful words for the creation of short poetry, is a typical task for the poetry writers and one should thorough in English subject knowledge, to become this type of short poem, especially like Haiku Poetry.

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