A Lone Wolf (Rowan Oak Pack Novel Book 1) / Katie Eloise

Book Cover A Lone Wolf (Rowan Oak Pack Novel Book 1)
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/ Katie Eloise
Publisher: K E Books
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ISBN-13: 978B07L2V4BR3

Di has lived her whole life with her human parents. She now works with them in their hotel, taking on any role to help them.
Ren is an enforcer. His king has ordered him to scout the land east of their territory as he wishes to claim it. He scents a female wolf and believing she's a rogue, he searches for her.
When they meet he discovers she isn't a rogue and he is the first were-wolf she has ever met. She's intriguing to him - strange enough that she hasn't gone crazy without a pack, but to have survived this long without knowing any of the were or pack rules, to never have met another of her kind?
He stays, wanting to get to know her and hoping she is exactly what she seems. As the days pass he finds himself having to stand against his King to protect those he loves, and the laws they live by from his madness.
Di meanwhile, wants to learn everything, as fast as possible, from the stunningly handsome male were-wolf she had the good fortune to meet, and when he must leave the hotel she's lived in for many years, she chooses to go with him. Now she needs to find her place in the Rowan Oak pack, and it won't be easy, but maybe she can find some answers about her past, about her egg and sperm donor in the meantime...

Warning: This book is intended for persons over the age of 18 due to steamy adult situations and bad language throughout.
Trigger Warning: There are references, and information on the aftermath, to abuse, torture and rape of a character in the book which make it unsuitable for readers sensitive to these topics.

This is the first book in the Rowen Oak Pack series and is centred on Ren and Di. It is a long book at 109k+ words and is a steamy Paranormal Romance.
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